Shilajit is an Ayurvedic medicine, a pale-brown tar that exudes from the layers of rocks, from the Himalayas to the Andes. Ayurvedic doctors have been using it for 5000 years. The “magic” ingredient of shilajit is the high content of fulvic acid that improves gut health and keeps skin healthy.

What is Shilajit

It is enriched with 88+ dietary minerals and trace minerals. The base of Ayurvedic Medicine is that you can have a healthy and long life simply by maintaining a balance of the body’s three “doshas” and this is what Shilajit does.

How to Use Shilajit

Shilajit is a black mineral with a tar-like appearance. The easiest way to take it is by purchasing it in powder form. In its natural resin form, it is a sticky, black substance.

Taking shilajit in the powder form means it is less concentrated than the resin form, but it’s more convenient. Some of the benefits of using the powder also include price and being able to measure your doses more accurately.

You can take approximately .5 grams and dissolve it in coffee, tea or water. It is recommended to take it on an empty stomach when you get up in the morning. Most users tend to notice effects in about 3 to 4 weeks. To maintain the health benefits, you do need to keep taking it consistently each day.

Beware of Fake Shilajit Powder

When buying a shilajit powder take into consideration the fact that not all the brands on the market are the same. Most of them of the Shilajit powders are diluted products. The pure shilajit has approximately 2% to 10% of naturally occurring fulvic and humic acids with the remaining 90-98% containing other minerals and medicinal substances.

The “fake” shilajit is 10% to 30% Shilajit powder and 70% to 90% extracted humic and fulvic acids, which can be easily produced in the lab. The smell of the real Shilajit is an intense one so if yours is not, then it is likely diluted or old.

Shilajit Powder Benefits

Shilajit has been known for various health benefits.


It promotes cell regeneration and maintenance of your old cells

Arthritis & Joint Pain

It helps with bone related issues by strengthening your bones making you less susceptible to problems as you get older

Brain Health

The studies made, concluded that it had “distinct and marked neuroprotective activity.” It may also help patients suffering from mild Alzheimer.

Renews Cells

By driving oxygen and nutrients into your cells, it renews them. A study showed that CoQ10 was 29% boosted by adding shilajit powder in daily meals.

Increased Male Sexual Potency

Some studies have shown that men who have infertility and who took shilajit powder twice daily for 90 days, had sperm counts increased by more than 60%. Additionally, sperm activity improved by 12% and their testosterone level increased over time.

Shilajit has been taken to strengthen the reproductive system in males while showing increased libido, decreased impotence and aiding with premature ejaculation.

Diabetes Prevention

It reduces blood glucose and lipid profiles of diabetes patients and helps maintain your blood sugar levels.

Additional Benefits of Shilajit

  • Anti-inflammatory to help in the recovery of damaged tissue
  • Promotes performance and improves energy production by acting at the cellular level, at mitochondria.
  • Protects cardiovascular system due to its antioxidant activity
  • Reduces pain level by acting as a sedative medicine, due to its interaction with GABA levels in the brain

Shilajit Side Effects

When used in the recommended doses, there have been few side effects reported by users. There is the possibility of creating excess iron in your blood if you are also taking iron supplements with shilajit since the resin alone is high in iron by itself.

There have also been rare cases where taking it has caused low blood pressure and gout aggravation.

Whenever adding a new supplement to your regime, you should speak with your physician to make sure it doesn’t conflict with your current prescribed medications, vitamins or supplements. Typically using Shilajit is safe, but it is best to let your doctor monitor anything new you take.

Where to Buy Shilajit Powder

Using the powder is less messy than taking the actual resin. You can buy it online here.

Shilajit FAQ

Why is shilajit good for men?

Shilajit helps increase testosterone levels which can lead to both higher sperm count and motility which contribute to higher conception rates.

Does shilajit make you high?

Reports indicate it can make your feel high and improve the quality of the high.

Can you take shilajit everyday?

You can take shilajit daily. You should follow the dosage on the package.

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