Chlorella is a type of blue-green algae, belonging to the phylum Chlorophyta. Its rich green color comes from the high concentration of chlorophyll.

What Is Chlorella

It’s a great food source due to its high amount of nutrients. When dried, it is about 45% protein, 20% fats, 20% carbohydrate, 5% fiber, and 10% minerals and vitamins. Even NASA used chlorella as one of the first whole foods in space n the international space station.

How to Use Chlorella Powder

Daily – It can be taken daily, with any meal. It does have a very strong taste, so you may want to add ½ tsp of chlorella in with other foods to mask it such as a banana smoothie, coconut water or vanilla protein powder to help hide the taste.

Complete Protein – It contains complete proteins, so it’s the best option for vegans and vegetarians to enhance their vitamin B and protein intake. Have one serving before going to bed for a detox boost overnight.

Organ Cleanse – It can also be useful to help when you know you will be drinking alcohol. If you are planning on having a girl’s night out or having drinks with they guys, you can take a serving before going out and then another one after your outing to help your liver and kidney cleanse alcohol and other toxins.

Don’t take too much – If it happens to experience any discomfort or indigestion from chlorella powder, this happens because you are probably taking too much, too fast. So start slowly and increase the quantity gradually.

Benefits of Chlorella

Chlorella has many health benefits.

Counteracts the effects of radiation and chemotherapy

It has been proven that chlorella’s high level of chlorophyll protects the body against ultraviolet radiation treatment and removes the radioactive particle from the body.

Helps losing weight

It removes stored toxins, boosts metabolism and regulates hormones. As the kilos melts, more and more toxins are released in our body. Chlorella facilitates elimination and prevents reabsorption.

Youthful Appearance

It naturally increases the level of vitamin A, C, and glutathione in your body. Hence, it slows the aging process, making you look younger.

Other Benefits

  • Reduces oxidative stress, caused by pollution, poor nutrition or stress.
  • Boost the immunity system.
  • Balances body’s pH
  • Enhances the ability to focus and concentrate
  • Increase the energy level
  • Promote growth and repair your tissues
  • Normalize blood sugar and blood pressure
  • Freshness your breath

Nutrients in Chlorella

  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin B1, B2, B5, B6, B12
  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin E
  • Vitamin K
  • Potassium
  • Magnesium
  • Phosphorous
  • Biotin
  • Iron
  • Calcium

Where to Buy Chlorella Powder

Once again we recommend one of our favorite sites. Check out the different sizes and options here.

Chlorella Side effects

There are no known side effects of chlorella. Thus, you have to take into consideration the fact that these green algae contain a high concentration of iron.

This isn’t a problem for women due to the loss of iron related to menstrual cycle, but there can become a problem for men or postmenopausal women. Hence, in the case of men and women using chlorella, the blood iron level must be checked regularly.

Unfortunately, there aren’t regulations that ask companies to test chlorella for heavy metals, radiation or toxins. With that being said, you want to research the products you buy to ensure you purchase only the cleanest and the purest chlorella. It is important to choose a safe source because you want to detoxify yourself, not intoxicate yourself.

Chlorella FAQ

What is good about chlorella?

Chlorella is used for medicinal purposes and often sound in powder form to assist with digestion. It also contains more than twenty different vitamins and minerals.

What is chlorella powder used for?

Chlorella is commonly used as a digestion aid and for detoxification because it increases the good bacteria in your intestines.

Is chlorella and spirulina the same?

Both are algae but have some differences. Chlorella is a green algae and Spirulina is a blue-green alga. Read more about Spirulina here.

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