Baobab Fruit

Baobab is one superfood that is typically consumed in a power format. Baobab is grown inside hard pod-like fruit on trees.

What is Baobab?

The Baobab is an African tree, venerated for thousands of years by the locals that call it “The Tree of Life.” The locals used it as a medicine for centuries, to treat everything, from fever, malaria and gastrointestinal problems to vitamin C deficiency.

Baobab Powder

The Baobab powder forms inside the fruit. The powder naturally dehydrates, which means that all its properties remain intact. The powder is yellowish with a unique taste, a little bitter, a combination between caramel, pear, vanilla, and grapefruit.

High levels of Vitamin C

The baobab powder is recognized for its high level of vitamin C: almost 300 mg per 100g fruit, which means three times more than in an orange. As the human body can’t produce its own vitamin C, we need to make sure that we get the daily supply of the foods we eat.

Baobab powder serving information

A single serving of baobab powder (10g), provides 33% f our daily vitamin C requirement. It is almost 50% fiber and contains more antioxidants than any other whole fruit.

There is 2 type of fibers: soluble and insoluble. The baobab contains equal quantities of both.

How to Use Baobab Fruit Powder

Add from 5g to 10g of baobab powder in your morning smoothie. Blend it in combination with a source of vitamin E, so that you will increase the benefits of vitamin C.

Benefits of Baobab Fruit Supplement

Baobab fruit has many different benefits to improve your health. Here are some of these great ways it can help you live a healthier life.

  • Boosts your energy levels
  • Healthy skin – Gives you radiant glowing skin by preventing cell damage due to the high level of antioxidants. which counteract oxidative stress and the effect of free radicals
  • Weight Loss – Supports your weight loss efforts because of the high quantity of fibers, which helps slow down the release of sugar into the bloodstream reducing the energy spikes and make you feel full
  • A great source of prebiotic – they nourish the good bacteria everyone has in their gut.
  • High source of calcium and potassium. Calcium maintains heart rhythm, muscle function, a good level of alkalinity, strong bones. Potassium protects the body bones. They act synergistically to perform hundreds of task in the human body.
  • Cleanse the liver and detoxify
  • Treats heart disease and varicose veins
  • Improves your sleep


  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin B1
  • Vitamin B6
  • Potassium
  • Bioflavonoids
  • Calcium
  • Iron
  • Magnesium

Plus it has lots of antioxidants and fiber and makes a great prebiotic.

Where to Buy Baobab Powder

You can buy raw, organic, gluten-free baobab fruit powder online safely.

baobab fruit powder

Side Effects of Baobab Fruit Powder

Baobab fruit powder is generally considered safe. There have been no reported toxicity or safety concerns with the consumption of baobab fruit products. Thus it is recommended to consult a nutritionist before taking baobab powder, especially if you are either pregnant or breastfeeding.

Due to the great increase in demand and interest about baobab fruit powder, many companies have begun carrying this product. Do your research while choosing the brand you purchase. You want to pay attention to the listed ingredients to ensure you get one which only has the purest form and not one with fillers or other impurities.

Baobab FAQ

What is in baobab powder?

Baobab powder forms inside the baobab fruit while still on the tree. The inside of the fruit dries and becomes exceptionally nutrient dense superfood powder.

What is baobab baobab used for?

The fruit becomes powder which is a rich source of natural Vitamin C. The powder is taken by those with vitamin C deficiency and for its unique health benefits.

What are advantages of baobab oil?

Baobab oil is a natural skin moisturizer which promotes healthy skin. It contains many fat acids such as Omega 3, 6, 9 and is absorbed quickly without causing the pore clogging.

What does baobab fruit taste like?

Baobab fruit has tangy citrus lemonade mango-like flavor. It is sour, not sweet.

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